Women's Day, one day or every day?

 International Women's Day 2020

Today is women’s day. As every year, many messages will spread around telling how strong, unique and precious women are.

Yes, indeed we are strong, unique and precious. But we are more than that.

Since long time I have been thinking about these statements every day in my life unintentionally. I experience myself growing, changing, suffering, surviving, feeling down, feeling high, being capable of everything, and being capable of nothing. As an engineer in my background with long years of corporate experience, I am an entrepreneur since more than a year now. As a mother of two beautiful kids and as a wife, I try to be a good mother and a good wife. I try to balance my family and business in my life. This is sometimes very hard, but not only for me. I’m grateful to have a husband who is as strong as me, and sometimes as weak as me, sometimes capable of everything and sometimes not. I’m proud that we both try hard and support each other no matter what.

Women’s day historically is an important day. However, in today’s conditions, I doubt that it still keeps the original meaning in people’s minds. Today, it is more used as a “one day messaging day” and people tend to forget the next 364 days. I think women do not need this positive discrimination squeezed in that one single day. Because, women’s rights mean human rights, and human rights are for everyone, every day.

As a woman, as a man or as a gay person, we are all sometimes strong, sometimes weak, sometimes correct, sometimes wrong, sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t. The only thing that matters is what difference we make in order to make things a bit better in this life.

I think we need to remember this more than ever: any person from any religion, any race, any age and any gender is precious and deserves to be valuable, to live a better life and to have equal rights every day.

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