What actually is that “evil eye”?

evil eye as in ceramic earrings

Most of the people in the world got to know the evil eye symbol when it was started to be used in fashion by celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian. And rest of the people already knew the symbol because they were growing up with it in their culture. I’m one of those people. Growing up, I saw the symbol almost daily as it is in our lives from birth until the end. Babies get the evil eye symbol token as one of the gifts to protect them against the real evil eye, or the symbol is hang at the wall in the houses, or as a deco object at the table. It seems to be complicated to protect the eye with an eye, isn't it? But there is a distinction of evil eye symbol and the true evil eye. Although it is called “evil eye”, the symbol actually is used as a protection against the true evil eye. The reason for this is, it is believed that some people envy others’ achievements, assets or beauty, namely anything that gives satisfaction to the one who has it. And the person who does not have these, may have the evil eye which will destroy the source of others' satisfaction.

Call it a curse or a bad energy, the true evil eye defeated with the eye symbol seems to be existing from ancient times to date, in many cultures and even in some religion books. The power of the eye symbol remains valid for many people who believe in it, and it is even better to understand the meaning behind while using it. Or let’s say when wearing it - nowadays…

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