Stay home, stay chic

Working from home in style.

Before the sky was falling, we had our routines like going to office, meeting our friends, shopping freely and exercising in nature. Many of us used to wear our favourite clothes, nice jewellery, putting on some make-up and feel good. These and many others were the ways we used to care about ourselves. But now, we all go through tough times since a few weeks. Working from home, social distancing and uncertain future make us worried most of the time. The research tells that number of people in need for psychological help is increasing. It is suggested that we pay attention to some points while experiencing these strange days. Eating well, exercising at home, meditation, sleeping good and self-care are important measures to keep us motivated. Paying attention to these may not be easy sometimes but keeping our habits regular as much as possible is a great way to tell our minds to stay calm and there is no need to panic. Self-care is a big part of it and trying to keep the previous habits like moisturising our face, putting on some make-up, wearing some nice clothes and our favourite jewellery may cheer us up and tell our brains that things are not different than usual times.

So, why not working from home in style?

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