Today's consumer world - and our philosophy...

Handmade products for stylish and conscious woman.

We are social creatures.

Today, we find ourselves in the “flow” of our communities and behave like the majority even without noticing it. We set our life expectations similar to each other, we dress like one other or we even consume like how majority do. We buy from the big shops; we use the mass-produced items and try to look alike while economically helping the mass producers.

What we usually forget is the fact that we are all unique individuals. We actually have different tastes; we need to realize our uniqueness and stand out in the crowd with it. We can apply our uniqueness in how we face this life, how we react in life or simply how we live our lives. How much we care about ourselves is a lot related to how much we care about others, even the people we do not know. Because this is the only way we can make the world a better place.

Based on this simple philosophy, MIALINE supports the artisans who make handmade-handcrafted products with a lot of patience, care and love. This way we acknowledge the value and beauty of handmade products, the traditions to be still alive, support the local economies, the artisans and craftsmen who produce those products we bring to you.

If you are also supporting us in this journey, please let us welcome you!

Thank you!

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