Kutnu Fabrics – 500 years of tradition

Kutnu is a woven textile with a shiny surface and colourful vertical stripes, made with silk warps (lengthwise yarns) and cotton wefts (crosswise yarns).

What actually is that “evil eye”?

Most of the people in the world got to know the evil eye symbol when it was started to be used in fashion by celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kim K...

Stay home, stay chic

Before the sky was falling, we had our routines like going to office, meeting our friends, shopping freely and exercising in nature. Many of us used to wear our favourite clothes, nice jewellery, putting on some make-up and feel good.

Women's Day, one day or every day?

Today is women’s day. As every year, many messages will spread around telling how strong, unique and precious women are.

Yes, indeed we are strong, unique and precious. But we are more than that.

Holiday Glamour

Last December, we had an exciting event which was a first time for MIALINE. It was our first fashion photo shooting!

A new year - Happy 2020!

2019 was start of a new journey for MIALINE and we had a good year back. We started our online shop at the end of 2018 so, 2019 was the first year of our existence online.

CreatorsMag Photoshooting

We had exciting days this week because MIALINE was partnering in a styling photo shooting for CreatorsMag ( This was a first time ...

Today's consumer world - and our philosophy...

We are social creatures.

Today, we find ourselves in the “flow” of our communities and behave like the majority even without noticing it. We set our life expectations similar to each other, we dress like one other or we even consume like how majority do. We buy from the big shops; we use the mass-produced items and try to look alike while economically helping the mass producers.

Here we are!

Finally we are online... :)

Hopefully you like our Online-shop!

Thank you!